Luxury Lifestyle Brand Leader Stacy Garcia Shares Her Design Secrets

As an innovator and leading designer in the hospitality industry, Stacy Garcia created her global lifestyle brand in 2004 after spending time as a freelance designer for Ralph Lauren Home. She shared a little on her design style, thoughts when it comes to commercial decorating and trends she sees for the future of the industry.

Stacy Garcia

When it comes to creating commercial product, what do you think is most important?

The most important quality of a commercial product is its longevity. Not only do we ensure our products exceed commercial safety & durability standards, but our research-based design process assures that the look will feel consistently fresh and relevant in marketplace for years to come.

How would you best describe your style?

My style is ever-changing! I would describe it as unique, well-traveled, and eclectic. I style my home similarly to my wardrobe. I love to mix and match inspirational pieces that I have collected throughout my travels.

As an industry leader on color, what do you see trending for color in the year ahead?

  • True color is back! We‰’re seeing this in retaliation to the minimalist and neutral trends seen in the market.
  • Pastels are the new neutral, we are transitioning from greys to warmer neutrals.
  • We are seeing an upswing in use of greens ranging from mineral to botanical to jewel tones.
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What do you like best about Summer Classics Contract furnishings?

Summer Classics furnishings are sophisticated and unique. The furniture stands out as functional, timeless, and fashionable outdoor pieces.

And, where do you get your inspiration and with so many projects in the works, how do you like to recharge your creative juices?

Inspiration is everywhere! I commonly look to art, fashion, media, nature, and the places I travel to as research for my work. We recently launched our residential brand, Stay by Stacy Garcia, inspired by the best of luxury travel to bring the indulgent feeling of escape found on vacation, back home.

Finally, what are some things you can‰’t live without?

First, my family is everything to me. Material-wise, a suitcase! I always have it ready for my next adventure.