Senior Living Outdoor Cushions


Everyone agrees that comfort is equal to style when it comes to outdoor seating. After all, what’s the use of a great-looking set of furniture only to find you don’t want to sink into it because you feel a hard surface underneath? For senior living specifically, this can be a problem. That is why Summer Classics Contract has developed cushions specifically for senior living use only, designed to fit the most popular outdoor frames!

“We are thrilled to announce our new line of senior living cushions because they offer even more comfort and support for many seniors,” says Vice President of Contract, Don Smith. These cushion designs demonstrate our commitment to continue to innovate for seniors, and they demonstrate learning that can only be achieved by years of experience contributing to Life’s Best Moments…Furnished.”

Summer Classics Contract offers the best of both worlds—stylish outdoor furnishings—and comfort, thanks to our new outdoor cushions manufactured specifically for senior living. SC Contract has leveraged our extensive experience serving seniors to innovate with cushions designed for comfort and style. No matter what fabric you prefer, these cushions from Summer Classics Contract answers the call for comfort and durability.

Everything you need to know about our Senior Living Outdoor Cushions:

1. The cushions are made with reticulated foam, which provides a firmer but still very comfortable seating experience. Reticulated foam is also designed to have moisture pass through instead of becoming trapped in the foam, offering quicker drying after a rain event and less cushion care for maintenance staff.

2. The back cushions are firmer and allow for residents to sit further forward in the chair, meaning deep seating is no longer too deep. Staff will also appreciate that they will not have as much lifting of patients because they are sitting higher and further forward

3. The back and seat cushions are joined together with a Velcro hinge which keeps the back cushions upright better than before. Together with the reticulated foam, this means less cushion care for the maintenance team in the event of rain / wind.

4. We offer the Senior Living Cushion in all of our fabrics so there’s no sacrifice in style – or comfort.

For more information, please contact your sales representative.