The difference is in the details. Every element of the Summer Classics experience; from design to conception, is carefully considered.

When designing our wooden furniture pieces, we sought out the finest teak in the world, the only kind rated for marine use. We build our wooden pieces with mortise and tenon construction.

All of our cast aluminum and cast iron pieces begin as a flat, featureless block of wood. With our designers’ precise drawings, skilled carpenters and artisans the wood is transformed into a one-of-a-kind sculpture from which a master mold can be made. The freshly molded pieces go through a highly technical process of cleaning and curing before they are prepared to receive a ceramic powder coat and hand-applied details.

Our wrought aluminum and resin wicker lines are also manufactured by hand, as no machine could realize the complex and detailed pieces according to their original designs. Tubing precisely bent and carefully painted, wicker methodically and intricately woven, the end product is astounding, more inclined to belong inside your home than outside of it.

The fabrics we use are specifically designed for outdoor use, they do not rot and are so fade resistant that your style will change before the colors do. If you pour bleach on them the colors will remain steadfast. Although fabrics are durable, they are soft to the touch. Add to these characteristics the vast array of classic and cutting-edge designs and colors Summer Classics has available and you begin to envision the potential of your own outdoor living space. Every Summer Classics cushion is sewn and filled at our Montevallo, AL Cushion Manufacturing Facility.

Summer Classics is a place of passion and creativity; offering an experience and a lifestyle, that joins the beauty of the out-of-doors and the comfort of your own home.

Come relax, enjoy, and experience the SC difference yourself.